Restoration of a small fishing vessel a large story to tell.


It may seem like a small boat, bopping along, moored in the marina with its shiny exterior, freshly painted body, perhaps used by a young boy? Practising fishing? Just bought after graduation? Perhaps a younger fisherman venturing into the industry.

Looks new? Seems new? Sails new!

But this little vessel was unloved, sold and really falling apart. Not fit for the sea not fit to be kept and hardly fit for sale. However, this was not to be the fate of this vessel with help from two forces. Richard Kemp and WT1 the people who brought to you and the construction industry CT1. The no 1 sealant and adhesive on the market. It can be even used under water.

Richard who owned a business in the marina, was used to this product range that changed his views on sealant’s. CTEC the people who have changed the world of sealing and adhesives, have the most accredited sealant’s and liquid membrane technology on the market. Fact,

Richard Kemp a man that loves the sea but equally the restoration of old boats. It’s a labour of love, a passion he has long fed with projects such as Percy.

Always liking old boats, and the history kept beneath their oars, he found his newest project at a Boat sale. Not expecting the journey that was ahead. Percy was loved at first sight and was snapped up by Richard, excited at the restoration project at hand Richard received this boat, but when put into his hands,  was as they would say.. not what he ordered!

The boat was he thought at the time beyond repair, was soft, the wood rotten and in fact 14 holes! Even a task for Liza and her bucket… impossible.

Richard wondered how this would happen, how can this boat be brought back to its former glory. He had used in previous tasks CT1, which is the most accredited sealant on the market and is especially known for its waterproofing properties and sealing even under water. But he was also aware of the new liquid membrane. WT1 Waterproofing Technology number 1, the sister product of CT1.

So the relationship began and the journey to bring Percy back to Perky began!. The CT1 team arrived over to see Percy. She was in need of some serious cosmetic and life saving operations. The boat was prepped, cleaned and panels swept ready for the application of WT1. The ultimate liquid membrane. Percy was pleased to also learn that no heat or mixing was required before being applied to her inner core.

It took only one day, to seal and repair the boat. WT1 which has a 25 year working life, also weather and UV resistant was applied easily spread once and finished nicely with CT1. The Snag List Eliminator. CT1 was used to fill in the small gaps, and used as a general filler.

WT1 is the perfect product with over 25 accreditations to its name. The perfect finishing membrane. Richard the proud owner of Percy was also especially pleased when he found out he could paint Percy any colour with any marine paint.

Percy the boat was a Yarmath registered fishing boat, sailed on the river Deben and was left then unattended and loved. She now sits in Deben yacht club, admired by all and amazed at her restoration and facelift!

Richard Kemp was delighted with the results, the seal, the guarantees and stamped approval of no more leaks.

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