How does Electricity work at Kip Marina?

There are 2 ways on how Electricity works at kip marina, 1- is you have a meter that the team go round each month and read the meters.

2-  Pontoons A/B/C/D/Sales/G south – Smart cards. these a pre paid meters that you top up your card from the office.


How is the electricity charged?

Smart card-   Electricity to boats is supplied by Smart Meter which is a pre-payment card system whereby you top up your chosen amount onto you electricity card in the marina office, then load it onto your allocated electricity meter by entering your card.

In line own meter-  meter readings are taken at the end of each month and will be invoiced by email


How do I know someone else isn’t using my electricity?

When you are going away on your boat before you leave your berth remember to insert your electricity card into your meter to transfer the remaining units back onto your card which you can take with you. On your return simply insert your card back into your meter to put the units back on.

If you are at home and worried someone might unplug your electricity cable and take your power then you can buy, from the marina Chandlery, a ‘Lockable Kit’ which enables you to lock your socket into your pod so no one can unplug you. We like to think no one at Kip Marina would do this but it will give you peace of mind.



We would ask you leave your Smart card on your boat or in the office with spare keys, so if the funds go low and you can’t make it to the marina, We can top up on your behalf.

The card you use to put the funds onto needs to be the same card to refund onto from the meter


Low alarm will sound when the funds go low


Please see picture below on how to use the Smart Cards work

Any problems please visit the marina office and the team will be happy to  help you